Automate Your Life

December 10, 2016

Automate your life. You don’t have enough time. Enough time to pursue that hobby you’ve had on the back burner for a while. Enough time to get through that task list (the list that grows daily despite the items you manage to cross off.) Enough time to spend with your kids and loved ones because you’re working late to finalize that project or meet that milestone.

Automating aspects of your life can greatly improve emotional well-being and enhance personal productivity. 

Automate your life

Track Your Budget

I use Budgeting apps like Mint to help keep my finances on track every month. I find it more challenging to budget being a self-employed contractor so this really helps to show me how much I’ve spent on a particular budget as I go along. 

Hire a House Cleaner

If you’re anything like me, cleaning the house (specifically doing the laundry) is one of my least favourite life admin tasks. I hired a house cleaner to come in once a week for 2-3 hours to help me with laundry and tidying the kitchen. My favourite days to come home after working at a coffee shop or co-working space are the days when she had cleaned the house. Peta has found people to help around the house using

Order your groceries and meals online

This is an amazing service for those who dislike grocery shopping or simply want more time to pursue other activities. Peta orders her groceries online every week using the Save-on-Foods and services. I’ve used local organic fruit and veggie delivery programs as well as from time to time.

You can get your meals delivered in Canada with Chef’s Plate or Hello Fresh (US and Canada) or PeachDish in the US.

Automate your business

IFTTT (If This Then That) your life

I’ve only just discovered this one but the IFTTT app seems promising for automating some tasks. I’ve set up an Applet to take my Instagram posts and create new Twitter posts with the full image instead of just an Instagram link.

Hire a Virtual Assistant

This is not only helpful for self-employed people! A VA is great for everyday life as well. Need to get those Christmas cards sent out? A VA can help with that. Need someone to help plan a trip? A VA can help with that as well. I’ve used Tasks EveryDay to help manage a number of work and personal tasks for past employers.

Automate your personal development

Listen to e-books on the go

Peta listens to podcasts and e-books whilst cleaning the house or driving around the city. I listen to podcasts at night to help me mellow out or while I’m exercising. We both use Audible for e-books. Peta’s favourite podcasts are the Web Psychologist with Natalie Nahai and Startup

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