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3 Slightly-Odd Tips for Working from Home

April 4, 2018
Working from Home

Bike DeskWorking from home can be a blessing and a challenge.

Here are three things that have helped me along the way…

  1. Finagle yourself a bike desk! No need to be tormented by exercise versus work again! If my focus is starting to evaporate I can usually hop on the bike and get my mojo back. It’s also a great place to hang out while watching a webinar (just make sure it’s not a video conferency-type webinar. That happened once. It was a little embarrassing and I’m sure the bobbing up and down of my head can be pretty distracting!)
  2. Get open/closed sign from the dollar store! When I put it on my door it means I’m closed for mom-business. Don’t even think of interrupting my conference call for a paper cut or just because you’re ‘feeling snacky’.
  3. Find your flow. Figure out which times of day work best for which types of work for you.Open/Closed Sign

I am a very definite night owl. I’ve discovered that I have a very a short window of focus when I very first wake up (which is broken if I need to do ANYTHING else such as doing the school run).

The rest of the morning I can check email, do any work-related social media tasks and do any housework that needs to get done.

After lunch, I am more focused, but anything that requires a lot of brain power or imaginative thinking is really best after dinner from 7 or 8pm onwards.

I found the Optimizing Your Day with Daily Rhythms, Optimal Timing for Tasks and Maximizing Breaks episode of Erik Fisher’s Beyond the To Do List podcast with Daniel Pink (author of When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing) so interesting. I’d never really thought about the impact me being a night owl has on my entire day (other than enjoying working at night).

That’s it. Give one (or three) of them a try and see if you can make working from home go a little more smoothly!

5 Unusual Ways to be More Productive When You Work from Home

June 21, 2017
rethink9to5 Productive at Home

Reading Time: 3 minutes

1. Bribery!

I owe a huge proportion of my productivity to bribery (a skill I honed while raising my 3 children!) For me, bribery usually looks like a cup of tea and/or a read of my social media feed after a period of concentration. Other times it could be an episode of a TV show for a morning’s hard work. Surprisingly, once that period of time is over, I’m often still really focused on whatever it was I was bribing myself to do. I used to stop and congratulate myself when the timer went off, but now, I really try to stay at it for as long as I’m engaged – to me this is when remote or flexible working is really at its best.

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14 Ways We Will We Be Working in the Future – Part 1

May 19, 2017
Wearable Tech

Reading Time: 5 minutes

After writing about the future of workspaces, I thought I’d follow up by taking a look at HOW we will be working in the future, especially with all the Gen Zs (born after 2000) about to arrive in the workforce, many of whom have been in education systems that have been reinventing the wheel.

So what changes can we expect to see in the next 5-10 years?

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How I Combat Loneliness When Working Remotely

May 4, 2017
Combating Loneliness
Reading Time: 3 minutes
One of the biggest challenges facing those who don’t work in a traditional office can be loneliness. Loneliness can impact you not just emotionally, but physically and before you know it your motivation and productivity have taken a dive. Your enthusiasm wanes, snack time and TV time go up and deadlines are suddenly passing you by.
Digital Nomads have a particularly hard time with this. In an online survey, a huge proportion answered that loneliness was their biggest challenge as a digital nomad. Jelte ten Holt wrote a great post “Lonely in Paradise” that has some great tips for handling loneliness while on the road.
What if you’re just working from home? Think about trying out some of these strategies which I’ve found to be helpful when working alone is getting to me:

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Exciting changes coming to a workspace near you!

April 27, 2017
Future City

Reading Time: 8 minutes

Where we work, how we work, and even why we work is undergoing a transformation. Workspaces are changing and the days when each employee had their own desk are on their way out.

“In the future, people will be incredulous that we once insisted that everyone in a company lived in the same metro area, which often entailed spending hours commuting each way to an office park where they sat most of the day communicating by digital tools” Blair Reeves

We’ve come a long way in the last 20 years. Just the other day a government organization asked us to fax something to them. “A fax?” we all muttered looking around. “Does the new printer have fax functionality?” “Is there an online service for that?” (we ended up mailing it to them in the end). We don’t notice the creep towards the future until the past comes back to haunt us and we realize how far we’ve come.

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