Having a down day? Just go with the flow…

February 23, 2017

Motivation. What is it good for? Sometimes you have lots of it and sometimes you just don’t feel like working. What do you do on the days that feel like such a struggle? I used to beat myself up for not being as productive as I “should” be if I was having a down day. Finally, after years of being hard on myself, I came to the realization that I have periods of high productivity at work and other, shorter, periods of reduced productivity. And some days, I don’t want to work at all. There’s usually a good reason for those kinds of days.

Here are a few things I’ve learned along the way to help get me through those challenging times.

Get some fresh air

If your mind isn’t in the game, go out and take a run or a walk around the block. Sometimes just stepping away from the computer helps to restart your system and even help you find inspiration.


Take a look at your list (have you written your list down or is it being tracked somewhere?) and reprioritize it. Ask yourself “Does this really

Embrace the “Do Something” principle

Action isn’t just the effect of motivation, but also the cause of it.

I’ve read this on a few different blogs and in books before, but Mark Manson’s article “The ‘Do Something’ Principle” really hit home.

accountability buddyHave an accountability buddy

Peta and I have set up a few days each week to sit down and work together via Google Hangouts or simply by phone. Having someone there with you on the tough days (and the good ones) makes it so much easier to get work done.


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